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Update firmware to V3.62Z

There was a problem saving on Demag machines, changed beginning of recording detection.
Download V3.62Z
... to V3.63Z
Changed SD card address location point .
Download V3.63Z
... to V3.69Z
Corrected a slow sd card performance.
Changed for DEMAG mashines DS and READY response times.
Changed FLOPPY-Change READY impulse response.
Changed  UPDATE process to 2 button.
Included hidden IMA files opportunity for system files. While entering SD card hold only one button to change HIDDEN-NORMAL mode. Mode flag is saved into EEPROM.
Download V3.69Z
... to V3.70Z
Corrected HIDDEN filesystem impelmentation.
Download V3.70Z
... to V3.73Z
Corrected saving of hidden filesystem.
Download V3.73Z

... to V3.77Z
Reading is now faster.
Download V3.77Z

... to V3.79Z-----19.09.2013
Formating is now possible
Download V3.79Z

... to V3.86DZ-----27.11.2013
Added next floppies support: 160KB 180KB 320KB 360KB 720KB 820KB 1,2MB
Download V3.86DZ